Journal of World Politics

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World Politics

Journal of World Politics

World Politics, also called world politics, refers to the field which studies the global political and economic patterns and the strategies that are being followed by states in the present period. In the core of this field are the various processes of global political globalization as a result of questions of global social power. In this context, there has been a proliferation of journals dealing with world politics. One can study such journals with the help of Internet.

One of the prominent journals on world politics isvolume edited by Bernard Lewis. This volume provides an in-depth insight into the workings of world politics. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, there is a case study of world politics from the perspective of international relations. In the second section, there is a review of recent literature on world politics.

Comparative political science deals with comparisons between various systems of government in the world. In the broad sense, it includes political science which studies political systems of different countries in light of their legal systems, ideology, culture, and social order. It is an important element of social science, because it studies the social order and polarity in the world. Therefore, comparative politics is closely related to political science.

Another important journal of world politics isvolume edited by Bernard Lewis. This is a broad review of world politics and its various topics. The book starts with an introduction on the meaning of world politics. Then the author presents a detailed account of the development of world politics since the seventeenth century up to the present day. The book then goes on to discuss some of the key issues in the field of world politics and economy.

Alfred Thale was the first person to draw attention to the shortcomings of earlier historical perspectives. His “Elements of Politic Economy” challenged the long-standing classical view that world politics was a part of the natural order of things. George Bentley was another important figure who shattered the illusions of the sacred political theories. Finally, political scientists like voting percentages and absolute freedom are now known as characteristics of universal political systems. These aspects are discussed in a detailed manner in the Economic and Social Science Reviews.

A variety of global problems and dilemmas have been resolved through the processes of world politics. International organizations can solve many dilemmas if they had a better understanding of world politics. Political scientists have also discovered certain political secrets from ancient civilizations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the future of human beings and nation states are in great danger if the prevailing trend continues.

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