Executive Recruitment

Appointment of Senior Assistant Director – Operations and Partnerships, Health and Adult Services


Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in the position of Senior Assistant Director - Operations and Partnerships, Health and Adult Services at the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

The Council has a strong commitment to support Adult Social care and Public Health and is keen that the Council plays a key strategic role in the local Health and care system.

We continue to work in close partnership with our NHS colleagues both through formal arrangements such as a range of s75 agreements and through a range of service initiatives based purely on improved outcomes for patients and carers. Health and Adult Social Care has strong relationships with a wide range of partners and has integrated services with NHS colleagues in many areas. We believe we are well placed to deliver high quality services to local people and be part of a system, which works together to improve people’s lives.

We have set our budgets to support the services and to invest in initiatives that residents tell us they want prioritised.

This critical appointment will be key to our borough’s future. It comes at a time when the authority is embarking upon a new era, making the most of the opportunities that are brought about by change.

There are unique challenges in Greenwich: we have three Prisons and have a highly regarded Prisons Social Care service. We also have a rapidly growing and changing population, with a major redevelopment and house building programme across the Borough.

There is an opportunity to make a real impact in this role, shaping services, relationship and culture that makes a positive difference to peoples lives.

Simon Pearce, Director of Health and Adult Services