A Guide to Politics

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Politics is often viewed by people as a way of organizing society. There are different types of politics including constitutional government, multiparty government and authoritarian government. Politics refers to the process of forming or disorganizing political institutions or governing bodies, and the direction of public policies. Politics has been viewed as a source of societal conflict and sometimes violence due to the fact that competing groups try to achieve their goals through political means.


Politics is the system of actions that are related to making choices in regards to the distribution of status or resources, for example, in groups of individuals, the selection of leaders, political parties and others. The field of political science is known as social science because of the focus on the interaction of individuals within a group of persons. Two prominent philosophers who played an important role in the development of the discipline of politics are Machiavellian and democratic philosophers. Some of the political philosophers who are famous for their writings on politics are Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, Oxford and Hobbes.

In political theory, politics is defined as a way of arranging societal affairs based on the rules of the nation. Politics is sometimes also called polity and the study of politics is sometimes referred to as socio-political science. The study of politics involves the analysis of how various social institutions form and how they interact with each other. For this reason, politics is usually called the study of politics. In addition, political theory also studies various types of organizations and politics in the broader context. These include forms of government, civic organizations and social interaction.

Political systems come in various forms. Two prominent examples are systems of classical liberal democracy and revolutionary socialism. The classical form of liberalism is considered idealist, whereas the forms of revolutionary socialism are considered rationalistic. A political system may also be called a civilization form or a national state form in which it is considered important to develop private citizens into an active force for the societal goals. There are different theories of politics that are influential on the political thought of the modern era.

Some of these theories include classical liberalism, social democracy and freedom, collectivism, left-right political spectrum and global franchise. During the past century, social democracy has been considered one of the most liberal philosophies of politics that emphasizes social equality and freedom. Social democracy is also an advocate of economic fairness and opportunity. For this cause, many political philosophers believe that social equality is achieved through democratic socialism.

On the other hand, some political philosophers believe that the source of politics lies in the ability of a people to decide freely without outside interference. They also believe that politics can only exist among a society that is free from violence and has full access to all the resources. In addition, they believe that such a society would be able to provide equal opportunities and social equality for all citizens.

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