Areas of Concentration in World Politics Bachelors Programs

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World Politics

Areas of Concentration in World Politics Bachelors Programs

World Politics, also referred to as world political economy, refers both to the field which studies the economic and political patterns of the world as a whole and the micro-political processes that surround these macro-level events. At the heart of this field are the interactions of numerous political processes in relation to issues of global socio-economic power. For this reason it has become one of the most important study areas at many different levels of education. As well as an area of great interest to historians and social scientists, political science has become an important element in the study of modernity.

World Politics and World Economy Since the start of the twentieth century, the study of world politics and world economy has had much in common with other areas of inquiry into the socio-economic change. There have been many attempts across various time periods to explain the processes that govern economic development around the world, ranging from direct economic policies to indirect cultural and political responses to economic opportunity. The development of international politics as a process of the emergence of global political institutions was a major development in world history. International trade, political freedom, and protection of property rights have also all had a major role in the expansion of world politics. Throughout the last few decades, there has also been much effort to understand the impact that technological developments in various sectors have on world politics and the ability of states to coordinate political economy policies.

The Study of World Politics Today there are many different types of international political science study which have emerged, some focusing on broad topical issues, such as the tension between democratic and anti-democratic political systems within different regions of the world, while others seek to explain the dimensions and structure of the global political economy. More specific areas of interest to the study of world politics include geo-political issues, which deal with the relationship between political organization and geo-political influences. Global governance is increasingly recognized as an essential arena for deliberative decision making, and globalization and its effects on political science research over the last few decades have made great strides towards understanding how political decisions are made. Geo-political theories have also contributed to explanations of the emergence of multilateral organizations and have been used to explain the decline of world order.

Another area of concentration in the study of world politics bachelor degree is in international relations. Relations of national interest are commonly examined in world politics Bachelor degree courses, focusing on issues surrounding the relationships between countries, their domestic and foreign policies, and diplomacy. There are many political theory courses which examine the interactions between economic globalization, the international financial institutions, and the development of international public policy. These are particularly important areas of current debate, and those who choose to specialize in international affairs may choose to specialize in one of several areas of specialization within international relations.

World Politics Bachelors programs prepare students for careers in international politics as they investigate the interactions among nations, their domestic and foreign policies, and diplomacy. The international organizations which form the core of the contemporary world politics system include the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the East Asian Financial Institutions. Many students who complete this program choose to become foreign service professionals, demonstrating an interest not only in nation-states and international organizations, but also in the internal mechanisms of foreign politics. This ability can prove beneficial to both private sector jobs and government work in a variety of countries.

Those who choose to pursue graduate studies in world politics will have an increased understanding of contemporary global issues, and be better able to navigate through the often complex world of international organizations and foreign polities. Graduates may be able to apply their knowledge to a wide range of challenges, ranging from issues affecting their home nations to those facing the international community. Further reading and research can help students understand how to develop effective and efficient strategies for dealing with both domestic and global issues.

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