How To Prepare For A World Politics Major

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Global politics, sometimes called world politics, refers to both the field that studies the global political and economic patterns and the political organization that govern those patterns. At the heart of this field are the various processes of global political globalization in regard to questions of economic power. What makes globalization a complex and interesting phenomenon is the fact that it has the potential to affect all parts of the globe at the same time, with little or no barriers to its effects. It has also the potential to disrupt existing regional power structures and create new institutions that are able to cope with the new sociopolitical order.

World Politics

In light of such concerns, a comparative analysis of world politics requires an appreciation of its different components. The first component is political economy. It refers to the relationship between national economies and the other economies of the world. Political economy evaluates the extent to which the state will allow trade, finance, and technology transfers that are needed for the operation of a nation as a whole. It also evaluates the degree to which political systems allow for the protection of its domestic economy from foreign competition, and how those systems impact the nature and strength of national currencies. Political economy examines the extent to which international institutions are able to provide a framework through which nations can coordinate their economic policies, and it evaluates the strength of international cooperation as it relates to the creation and maintenance of peace and security.

The second component of world politics is the realm of diplomacy and the various international organizations that promote it. Much like the economic philosophy of the classical political science, international political science seeks to understand how political systems produce and manage the world as a unit. It is interested in how international organizations construe their own rules of conduct, the nature of diplomacy, and the relationship between international organizations and their political jurisdictions. Finally, it seeks to evaluate the effects that national and international laws have on the external environment. All of these components place great weight on the relationships that exist among nations and between the world itself.

One of the key courses required for a student to prepare him or herself for a career in world politics is Introduction to World Politics. This class serves to introduce prospective students to the various theories and concepts that are relevant to world politics and to prepare them for their future careers in international relations. The course should also prepare students for the foreign policy course that will be required of them once they opt to enter law school and to prepare them for the foreign policy coursework that they will need to complete to become a lawyer. One requirement of law school that students must meet is a foreign policy course. If a student cannot meet this requirement, then he or she should consider taking Introduction to World Politics.

Comparative Politics requires that students understand the ways in which world politics and international relations affect each other. International political economy and comparative political science interact with one another as both pursue their own particular agendas. Students will learn how world politics affects the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. The study of comparative politics will also help students to appreciate the difference between socialism and capitalism, between freedom and slavery, and between peace and war.

In order to understand the workings of world politics students should also be exposed to a wide variety of current world affairs. The best way to do this is by taking part in international politics research classes. A good class should introduce students to the key players in world politics and provide them with an introduction to the unique history of international relations. Such classes can be found at many community colleges and universities. Students should also be introduced to current world affairs. These can be found in many newspapers, magazines, and online sources.

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