Executive Recruitment

Key Milestones Achieved

  • We’ve opened up new job markets by repositioning Greenwich Peninsula as a rapidly growing community of digital businesses. We are also spearheading a pioneering autonomous vehicles project in the borough. 
  • We have developed our Growth Strategy, determined Master Plans in areas of opportunity, and identified the scope for Council intervention and investment in order to proactively build our local economy.
  • Improvement in outcomes for vulnerable older people, achieved through the setting up of integrated health and social care teams; we are a ‘pioneer’ Council and national leaders in this field.
  • The borough successfully hosted a diverse range of Olympic and Paralympic Games events. We built on this experience and legacy with the hosting of the international Tall Ships event in September 2014 and continue to develop our visitor economy through the establishment of Tourism Company.
  • We have secured transformational changes in the performance of our schools and protected our early help and preventive services, including our children’s centres.
  • There have been sustained reductions in overall crime with burglaries at their lowest rate since before the millennium.
  • Green Flag Awards for 12 of the Royal Borough’s Parks 2015/2016.   

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