Politics and Political Activities

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Politics is a formal system of decision-making based on social power and influence. Politics is the group of political activities which are related to the making of decisions in groups or various forms of socio-political power relationships between people, including the distribution of status or resources. The field of political science that studies government and politics is known as political science. Politics has always existed in some form or other and is present in all societies. This makes politics an interesting subject to study throughout the world.


Politics and the study of politics can be divided into two branches, political science and political economy. The former examines how political systems are established and maintain; the latter looks into the role of public goods and services in politics. Comparisons can be made between political science and economics, and politics and the business history. Comparisons can also be made between politics and the legal history and politics and the humanities. The study of politics and political economy have many different topics such as redistricting, wealth effects, the political system, political parties and organizations, economic growth and prosperity, international trade, protectionism, central banking and monetary policy, development and globalization.

Politics basically involves debate, conflict, negotiation, consensus building, compromise and negotiation. Politics involves the allocation of governmental resources and patronage to promote certain ends. Politics is inherently a process of conflict, because without politics, there is no order. Politics is inherently a collaborative venture between competing individuals and groups; politics is essentially a clash of interests among individuals, and it is through politics that we can identify potential opportunities for social change. Politics and political activity have been integral aspects of human existence since the dawn of civilization.

The study of politics is divided into two main areas, namely; liberal politics, which are comprised of liberalism, progressivism, and socialism, and traditional politics, which are comprised of majoritarianism, aristocratic, constitutional, monarchial, landlord, and democracy. Liberal politics argue for freedom and democracy, equality, justice, and freedom. Progressive politics advocate greater equality and fewer social divisions. Aristocratic politics is based on hereditary and absolute rule. monarchical politics is centered on the absolute ruler and is known for its Pax Romana.

Politics and political activities have been an important part of all societies and civilizations since ancient times up to the present day. Politics has been present in almost all socio-economic systems since antiquity up to the twentieth century. Since modernity came to the fore, politics became an object of scientific study with the introduction of economics, which began to provide macrolevel analysis.

Politics and political activities have become an essential part of our daily lives, whether they be at the municipal, county, state, national or global levels. Politics influences our lifestyle and actions to a large extent. It has become an essential part of our everyday routine that we take for granted. This has made politics essentially controversial and a source of intense conflict between those who support different political positions. Politics and political activities have been an integral part of every society since antiquity up to the present day.

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