The Vacancies on the US Congress

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The United States Congress is comprised of both houses of Congress and is the legislative branch of our nation. The United States Congress consists of both Houses of Congress and is divided into two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Congress usually meets in session once a year in Washington, D.C., although at times they may hold sessions yearly or even semi-annually. The Congress generally meets in Washington, D.C., every July 4th through January 3rd, but during some special occasions such as the Christmas holidays or during the President’s honeymoon with his new bride, the Congress may break for one day each year.


Each member of Congress has the right to be present at all sessions of both Houses of Congress and any session that require a quorum, or two-thirds of all members present and voting. When the Congress is in session, all legislation (referred to as bills) must be passed by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress and then be signed by the President. There are many different types of legislation in which members of Congress can vote on their own or as a part of a committee. Bills that become law without the signature of the President are referred to as laws. Every bill has a procedure for passing through the legislative process and it is important for members of Congress to understand these procedures so that they may vote accordingly.

There are two types of committees in the House of Representatives and in the Senate: committees of jurisdiction and functions. Congressional committees make up the structure of a House of Congress and members may serve on more than one committee if they wish. All members need to register their name with the Clerk of the House in order to serve on any committee.

In addition to serving on a House of Congress, members need to report to the leaders of their respective Houses about their activities. All members of Congress need to take an oath of office before they take their oath of loyalty and responsibility to the American people before the Clerk of Congress. All members need to declare their intention of office before the clerk of Congress. This declaration of intention is known as an oath of office. An individual who fails to comply with the requirement of an oath of office may be removed from office. After a member is removed from office, that member’s seat will be filled by another member of Congress until another election can be held.

The rules governing the manner in which vacancies occur in a House of Congress and how they are handled are laid down in the Government Code. All members of Congress are required to take an oath of office before the Clerk of Congress. Once this requirement has been met, all members need to vote in unison and present their resolutions to the clerk of Congress. If a resolution is passed by the entire membership of a house, it will be sent to the States General Assembly for adoption; provided that a quorum is present for the adoption of such resolutions.

Vacancies on the Floor of Congress occur when members of Congress have become ineligible under the Constitution or the laws of Congress. Such vacancies may arise due to resignation, recall or otherwise. Vacancies on the floor of Congress occur immediately when a member of Congress is chosen to fill a vacant seat on the bench or when a member of Congress becomes disqualified under the Constitution or the law of Congress for inability to discharge their duties. In such cases, the presiding officer may appoint a special body to act in behalf of such member; the Acting President shall temporarily hold the office of such member.

vacancies | member | vacancies occur | need | members} Vacancies on the Bench occur when the members of Congress cannot agree upon a member of a court to serve on that court. When such vacancies occur, the Vice President shall choose a person to fill such seat. When there are no suitable persons available to fill such vacancies, the Senate is required to fill the vacancy until the next Congress convenes. Vacancies on the bench occur when a member of Congress is unable or unwilling to serve. This situation occurs when the member is too ill to serve, is not well known by the public, has an exigency or is otherwise unavailable for service.

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