World Politics and International Studies

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World Politics, also called world politics, refers to both the political field and the academic field that study the economic and political patterns of the global scene. In the middle of this field are the various processes of global political globalization, especially in relation to issues of socio-economic power. The globalization process has been going on for decades now, and it has become more complex with the coming of new socio-political institutions in different parts of the world.

There are different approaches to study world politics. The most popular ones are political science, comparative politics and international relations. Political science mainly deals with the history and theories behind political systems, constitutional government and international law. Comparative Politics deals with the systems of national government in the various parts of the world. International relations refer to the interaction of states through the World Trade Organization, the Security Council, multilateral institutions and bilateral associations.

Comparative international relations started as political science, and then it was applied to international relations. Today, many political scientists have turned to it as an academic specialty. The study of world politics became even more complex with the development of new technologies such as the internet and satellite television.

World Politics is also related to economic theory. Economics is basically the study of how human action affects the environment. After the Second World War, many theorists argue that the Bretton Woods System which existed prior to the Second World War was gradually replaced by a system of global economic governance led by the United Nations. Many of these economic thinkers argue that the major reason for the outbreak of the Second World War was the fear of economic globalization – the fear of the political globalization, or the gradual rise of the economies of the major powers (especially the United States and Europe) out of reach of the developing countries.

Studying world politics and international studies closely involves learning the various theories and approaches to it. One way to learn this is through reading texts on it. Another way to learn it is through courses in it, for example, graduate studies in international studies, political science and international history. For those who are interested in political science, they can also opt to take classes on it.

One of the courses a student can take to prepare him or her for a career in world politics is Introduction to World Politics. Aside from books and literature, students should also do some hands-on research in this particular subject. Before entering college, a student may also want to take part in an introductory course in world politics. With the proper preparations, a person will surely be able to prepare himself or herself for a career in world politics.

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